Dietary Foods

Special dietary foods are becoming a daily requirement for many people. We offer a range of products for everyday requirements, snacks and foods to make life more enjoyable. p. Our range of dietary foods include gluten and wheat free, vegetarian and vegan, macrobiotic and sugar free, dairy and yeast free.

Our chilled cabinet contains dairy free cheeses and milks, vegetable margarines and spreads, natural yoghurts, fresh sprouted seeds, desserts and vegetarian and vegan savories. We also offer a range of "nut free" products.

We offer a range of frozen foods including wheat free pizzas, dairy free ice creams, vegetarian meals and award winning organic baby foods (Amersham store only).

Also under dietary foods, you will find gluten free flours and cake mixes, wheat free pastas and sauces, a range of Miso soups, seaweeds and flavourings.

Organic & GM Foods

Wherever possible we source organic foods and ingredients and never knowingly stock GM products.