Eco Household & Refills

The precious world on which we live is slowly becoming poisoned by the chemicals, pollutants and waste that we as a race are pumping into our environment. We aim to help those of us that care about our planet to do their bit in reducing the use of harmful chemicals and waste. p. For those with allergies and sensitivity to harsh chemicals, our range of household products are kind not only to the environment but also you. Ecover products are not tested on animals.

We carry the full Ecover Household range, including limescale remover, toilet cleaner, biological and non-biological laundry liquids and tablets p. We provide a re-fill service for Ecover washing-up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and multi-surface cleaner i.e. we re-fill the original bottle/packaging.

We provide bin-liners, swing bin liners, eco-friendly furniture polish and air-freshening sprays with no CFC's. We are able to provide water purifiers, lead free paints for interior and exterior wood and brick work.

Ecological Brands