Homeopathy & Aromatherapy


Homeopathy can trace its roots over 2,500 years, although current Homeoptahic practices evolved around 200 years ago. Based upon the "Law of Similia" it works upon the principle that like treats like i.e. the treatment must have the capability to produce the symptoms of what is being cured.

By applying the "Law of Minimum Dose" to help stimulate the body's own healing mechanism it is safe to use during pregnancy and also for the treatment of infants and young children.

Our range of Helios Homeopathy covers over 20 medicines and we are happy to place special orders if required, which are normally filled in 2-3 days. We also supply Homeopathic Kits which offer a range suitable to beginners and professional practitioners alike, as well traveller's kits ideal for holidays or business trips.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help the body's healing process. This use of oils for treatment can be traced back hundreds of years. The Essential Oils used in treatment are the concentrated extracts from the various plant species. The oils can be applied in various ways from massage using carrier oils, relaxing baths or footbaths through to vapourisers.

The vast range of oils include organic, non-organic, pure oils and carrier oils. We carry a large stock of over 26 essential oils and 6 carrier oils from Absolute Aromas as well as a range of burners, diffusers and accessories. Try an in car Oil Diffuser to assist with alertness whilst driving. Essential oil blends can be ordered especially for your requirements.

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