Juice Bar

The Juice Bar forms an integral part of our stores where we prepare our fresh fruit juices and smoothies in front of you.

With a seemingly endless selection of fruits and vegetables to choose from we offer a wide menu of smoothie recipes and juice cocktails that we have taken great care (and pleasure) in creating to ensure great taste combined with all the healthy benefits that the ingredients offer. (Juice bar)! our menu also offers pure vegetable juices for those with an eye on sugar levels. juices and super-juices start from £1.75.

We can also incorporate some of nature's superfoods into our recipes to put that little extra zing into your day. We can include Spirulina, Ginseng, Gillian McKeith's Living Energy Powder and Wheatgrass shots (see sidebar).

What a great way to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables, enriched with vitamins, fibres and nutrients. If you're near one of our stores, why not drop in and try one?

Wheatgrass - Natures Superfood

Wheatgrass is fast becoming one of the most popular and widely used health foods and could rightly be known as nature's superfood. Apart from being one of the fastest and easiest grasses to grow, it contains one of the highest concentrations of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, anti-oxidants and nutrients. Add in the fact that it contains 70% chlorophyll (nature's prize nutrient for health) and you can begin to see what all the fuss is about.

The best to way to absorb the goodness of wheatgrass is by extracting the juice and incorporating it with fruit juices or smoothies. Wheatgrass juice contains many essential minerals (90 out of a possible 102) including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium which are all necessary for healthy bones, teeth, hair and skin.

It also contains 20 amino acids and several hundred different natural enzymes which help the body's defence mechanism by strengthening cells and removing poisons from the blood stream. It helps eliminate toxins accumulated from eating processed food, breathing polluted air and drinking impure water.

It is rich in vitamins A, C and E, containing the same amount of vitamin C as an orange and as an excellent source of B vitamins helps promote normal brain and body development. Wheatgrass also has dilating effect on the blood vessels, improving circulation and aiding the efficient distribution of nutrients throughout the body.