Vitamins & Supplements

We proudly stock a wide range of vitamins, minerals and herbs including the full range of Viridian products, the country's most ethical supplement company. Our range covers herbs from A.Vogel (Bioforce) to established tonics like Floradix to new Mycromedicinal Mushroom Complexes from New Chapter. We also carry famous names such as Kudos, Quest, Power Health, Gillian McKeith, UDOS, Potters, Nelsons, New Era, Sambucol and many more. We are pleased to now stock Biocare products supplements which includes a range of childrens biotics, fish oils and multi-vitamins.

We have available a range of liquid tinctures from Viridian, Bioforce (A.Vogel) and Hambledon. We also stock a new range of liquid supplements including liquid CoQ10, liquid Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM, liquid pre-Natal multi-vitamins and liquid men's & women's multi-vitamins.

Our range of children's vitamins include Children's chewable vitamins, chewable fish oils and childrens liquid vitamins and powders. Please ask for samples before you buy.

Our Probiotics range includes Viridian & Kudos, Acidopholus and Probiotic powder, New Chapter's All Flora, Prebio7 and Fermental with over 20 million active bacteria.

Look out for our new products: Liquid Nutrient shot - highly nutritous superfoods such as Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Living Energy Foods and Royal Jelly in capsules.

Vitamin Brands

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